• Wear socks at ALL times; oil from feet will cause permanent marks on the floor.
  • It is best NOT to move furniture onto the floor during curing. If you must, exercise GREAT caution, or permanent marks could result.
  • Make sure NO water or moisture gets on the floor; permanent marks could result.
  • Keep the room at the same temperature and humidity as the temperature and humidity at which the wood was acclimated. To do otherwise could result in the wood cupping or crowning.

  • Do not let water, even drops, sit unattended on the floor; it could cause the finish to lift.
  • Do not use a vacuum with a beater bar on the floor.
  • Keep the floor free of dirt and grit; it can scratch the finish.
  • Use a dry Swiffer-style mop in conjunction with a spray bottle filled with up to one part vinegar to two parts water (less vinegar can be used).
  • DO NOT use Murphy's Oil Soap, wax, oil, or any kind of "polish" on the floor.
  • Women's high heeled shoes and dogs weighing over 50 pounds are particularly hard on hardwood floors and should be kept off.
  • Use felt pads on all furniture.
  • Never steam clean your hardwood floor.
  • If you see grey in the grain or at seams, call Hardwood Glen immediately.