Rebecca and Stan

Thank you, belatedly, for coming by last weekend to redo our floors. Your dedication to top-quality service is impressive, and very much appreciated. Please feel free to use us as a recommendation for new clients.

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Your time is valuable; appointment times and schedules are always met.

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Glenn - you exceeded my expectations here. I returned home last night after an eight hour road trip and spent the first half hour walking around barefoot and petting my new floor. As I slept in my sleeping bag on the floor last night, I kept reaching out to feel the finish. The floor looks and feels great. Thank you so much. So far, I have done two floor "showings" for different neighbors. You may just end up back in this neighborhood pretty soon.


I LOVE my floor!!!!! Thank you very, very much!!! Your company was the highlight of this whole water damage business. Every aspect of the installation was amazing to me. Your workers are very professional, and you did the whole job in two days!! You guys are the best!! I gave your card to my neighbor. Hope they call you. And, if you ever need a recommendation... have them call me!! Anyone is welcome to come over and look at it, or call me. I would wear a sandwich sign for your company!!! Thank you, again!!!

Nick Aliotti

Paul Allen

Mike Bellotti

Josh Bidwell

Rich Brooks

Chip Kelly

Ernie Kent


I can not say enough about the professionalism, ethics and quality of work. The work was punctual and reliable. He was patient with my endless questions and telephone calls. Glenn was meticulous and saw to every detail. I feel so fortunate to have found Hardwood Glen Custom Flooring.


Janet and Jeff

Thank you for taking care of us in such a professional, timely manner. You are the best!